About the school

The Nordes PhD Summer School 2014 edition will take place during 18 – 22 August 2014. The curriculum is organized by the Department of Media around the topic of The Perceptive Body, with contents curated by Prof. Lily Diaz-Kommonen. Most of the activities will take place at our facilities at Miestentie 3, in Otaniemi, as well as in Design Factory, at Betonimiehenkuja 5 c, Otaniemi. 

The school brings together the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture’s Media Lab’s Spring Doctoral School and Department of Design Summer Doctoral Schools. The Department of Design (Prof. Ilpo Koskinen and Prof. Sampsa Hyysalo) have graciously given their guidance in helping us to organize the School.

More information about other activities will be available soon.

Learning outcomes

The students will learn about design research, from a digital media perspective. Participants will produce

1. A diary report with notes for each day of the school to be uploaded to the website.

2. A short (revised) paper, to be posted by the author on the website, prior to receipt of credits.

3. A presentation about their topic of research.

Organization: Tracks, Seminars and Workshops

It is assumed that we will have students who are in diverse stages of the process: beginners, work in progress and closed to finalized. We are going to mix them all in the different tracks.


Seminars take place in the morning. It is expected that all participants present their work in the seminars. In order to manage, we will have tracks in which we will organize the participant’s presentation that take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We will decide the number and contents of the tracks based on the applications we receive.


Workshops take place in the afternoons and can be 1, 2 or 3 days long. They should be thematic sessions intended to deepen knowledge about a topic. They can cover theory, methods, as well as practical topics. We are actively seeking for volunteers to conduct workshops in the school. Please contact us at lily.diaz@aalto.fi

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