Anna Trapenciere

Liepaja University

The Experience of Intimacy in Physical Space Through

I am interested in investigating the possibilities for creating nonverbal, nonrepresentational, intuitive and playful forms of tangible digital online communication among family members that are geographically separated.

So that I can understand how specially designed physical objects (that are also online) can be used in effectively mediating intimacy. In order to be able to identify new metaphorical and technological extensions of a human body for enabling creative and sensual connection.

This is important because as literature shows with the increasing possibilities and use of geographical (labour) mobility (and therefore migration) there is evidence of lack of and need for close bonding in longdistance family relationships. However, there is a gap of knowledge in the application and use about how new media technology can improve the experience of maintaining this close bond.

I hope this work will be helpful in future to others in the fields of interactive art and cyberart, sociology and product design, as well as to the cognate fields of my research psychology, anthropology and cognitive sciences.