Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts

Aalto University

Twitter: @CitySDK_Hanna

Strategic view on the exoproduction of digital public services
– How public bodies should frame their wicked problems and roll-out their design imperatives to safeguard development of meaningful and usable civic services and apps for citizens?

The aim of this doctoral study is to provide an overview on the possibilities and challenges the exoproduction of public digital services by third party developers brings to public bodies. Since this domain has evolved quite recently, there has been little to none research done on this topic, while dispersed trials have taken place. As exoproduced apps and services might in the future play a growing role in our user experience of public services or even help shape our role as active citizens, public bodies should have ways for enabling and supporting their development and existence.

My hypothesis is that the public sector needs to have a strategic approach for managing and guiding exoproduction in order for the society to fully benefit from it. To avoid discontents and misconceptions from the citizen side, there is a need to look for ways for the public sector to communicate user needs and to remain aware of the external solutions built on their data.

This doctoral thesis uses case studies in two cities to compare the approaches they have taken and to identify best practices in this domain. As a result of this study, guidelines for managing exoproduction of digital public services and methods for rolling out design principles for these services will be created.