Kumaripaba Miyurusara Athukorala

University of Helsinki

Twitter: @kumaripaba

Supporting Exploratory Information-seeking through User Modeling in Human Computer Interaction

With the explosive growth of information available in the web, locating needed and relevant information remains a difficult task, whether the information is textual or visual. Although information‐retrieval algorithms have improved greatly in retrieving relevant information, exploratory information seeking still remains difficult due to its inherently open‐ended and dynamic nature. Modeling the user behavior and predicting dynamically changing information‐needs in exploratory search is hard. Over the past decade there has been increasing attention on rich user interfaces, retrieval techniques, and studies of exploratory search. However, existing work does not yet support the dynamic aspects of exploratory search. The objective of this research is to understand how user interaction modeling can be applied to provide better support in exploratory information seeking. We investigate how implicit user interactions such as clicking and eye‐gaze patterns can be used to develop a model of user knowledge. We explore how such user models can be incorporated in to information retrieval systems to predict the current information‐need of the user and dynamically update the results.