In order to participate, the candidate must:

1. Submit an application.

2. Complete and upload a 15 minutes presentation. The student presentations have to be ready one week before, no later than August 8. The students should send us a link to their presentations for inclusion in the website. The presentation can be done using the following formats:

– Keynote
– Powerpoint

The students need to check the website and make sure that their presentations and supporting audio-visual materials are in accordance to the School’s AV requirements.

3. Agree to write a short (5 pages maximum) paper. The first version of the paper needs to be ready by the beginning of the school. In order to receive the certificate of completion, the participants need to complete and upload the paper by Friday Sept. 19 2014.

4. Note: There will be an opponent assigned to each student.

Participants will have their personal page in this section.

Application procedure

In order for us to organize the schedule we need to have some information about the participating candidates. Therefore, we ask you to complete this brief application.

In the first page we want you to please write the following information:

Your full name
Telephone number
Email address
Twitter id

The topic of your research
The Title of thesis
Supervisor(s) name
University affiliation
Estimated date of completion

Do you want to make a presentation in the school about your thesis? Please let us know either way.

In the second page we ask you to please include an abstract of your thesis of not more than 500 words.

Please forward these materials to us as soon as possible and no later than Friday, June 20, 2014.

Please note that we will operate in a first come first served basis and that there are a limited number of places in the school.

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