Reha Dişçioğlu Şen

Aalto University

Twitter: @reasound

Designing Digital Applications Providing Physically and Socially Engaging Experiences for Children Based on the Narrative of a 3D Animated TV Series

Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computers provide various communication and computing opportunities with their high technology hardware and improved software systems. In most cases, the use of these digital devices does not allow for physical activity. The interaction with these devices is mostly limited to the buttons triggered with touch input since they still keep reference to WIMP paradigm. However, mobile devices together with emerging mobile technologies have the potential for wider interaction possibilities by introducing gesture and movement recognition. With a proper design approach, the mobile devices can be transformed into invisible tools enabling physical activity and social interaction.

This research aims to find new interaction ways where mobile devices could be utilized for engaging physical experiences based on the narrative of DUDU film. DUDU is 3D animated TV series for children currently being produced by Ipek University in Turkey. The DUDU series is expected to be broadcasted on Turkish TV’s in late 2013. The research will lead to a case study project based on the narrative of the series.

With a user-centered approach, this design research will be carried out using collaborative and participatory design methods, which will include all stakeholders into the design. The outcomes of the design sessions and workshops will be applied to a number of digital applications. The applications will have design value for the research community; educational value in terms of the content of series, well-being value for children by encouraging physical and social activity.