Yichen Lu

Aalto University

Twitter: @61morning

From “what to design for” to “what to design” – Experience goal as a design driver to lead design process from in-depth orientation to detailed embodiment in context of metal engineering industry

We are staging experience economy. Not only in business-to-consumer marketing but also in business-to-business context, experiential offerings can be seen as the competitive battleground for leading-edge companies. The importance of experience design has been noticed in both academic field and industry.

The research domain of this study is XD design in B2B settings with a focus on MEI (Metal and Engineering Industry). Design of products, service and touchpoints that can evoke subtle interplay of positive UX, CX or BX has been taken into account. Design communication among different stakeholders through XD process, especially in the early phase of new product development, is considered as the research priority.

In traditional heavy industry, experience in work-related contexts is commonly considered as feeling of safety and efficiency, which is closely related to good usability and ergonomics. This viewpoint is primary but conservative. In this study, the concept of experience is uplifted to a higher level, such as universal human needs and emotions, which is beyond usability and human factors. Several frameworks of UX exist, but little good comprehensive operationalization of the concepts of UX, CX and BX is in the existing literature. Thus, the research focuses on practical guidelines and tools for taking Experience into design for multi-stakeholder system of B2B MEI.